St. Oleg day


On October 3 (September 20) our Church celebrates the commemoration of St. Oleg. This day is de name-day of Archimandrite Oleg Cherepanin, Representative of the Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand, dean of Patriarchal Deanery in the Kingdom of Thailand and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of OCT College.

On this occasion, the College’ students and staff messaged Very Reverend Father, wishing him many years and good health. Fr. Oleg sent back his gratitude and blessings.

Info: Holy Prince Oleg Romanovich of Briansk (in Baptism Leontius) was grandson of the holy martyr Prince Michael of Chernigov. According to the chronicle histories, Prince Oleg together and his father, Prince Roman Mikhailovich of Briansk, participated in a war against Lithuania in 1274. After 1274, he resigned as prince and became a monk with the name Basil at the Briansk monastery of Saints Peter and Paul, built through his generosity. The holy prince died at this monastery as a strict ascetic in the year 1285, and was buried in the monastery church.



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