The feast of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos


October 14 (October 1 in the ecclesiastical calendar) is marked in the Orthodox Church as the day of the Holy Protection of the Theotokos, one of the most beloved feast days on the Orthodox calendar among the Slavic peoples. The first celebration of this feast in the Russian Orthodox Church dates back from the 12th century and today is celebrated throughout the Orthodox Church.

The same day is commemorated St. Roman the Melodist, one of the greatest of Syrio-Greek hymnographers. He flourished during the sixth century, which is considered to be the “Golden Age” of Byzantine hymnography.

St. Roman is the patron saint of fr. Roman Bychkov, the rector of Holy Trinity Church in Phuket and iconography teacher at OCT College. On this occasion, the students of OCT College greet fr. Roman and wish him many blessed years. They honor him with a cake and a bouquet of flowers.


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